Gas N Wash C-Store Design


Gas N Wash C-Store Design
Gas N Wash C-Store Design



Winner: Gas N Wash, Mokena, Ill.
Architect: Chris Kalishefski, CDG
Design Consultant: Jim Richards, PES Design Group
Equipment Supplier: PES Design Group
General Contractor: Leon Baine, Morgan Wyatt LLC

With a name like Gas N Wash, it would be undestandable for one to assume this store specializes in car washes. And while the Mokena, Ill.-based business operates a prominent car wash and dog wash, the convenience store is also well know for many of its in-store attributes.

One such attribute is its beer cave, The Market Brew House. Whether customer want a pale ale, stout, bock or hefeweizen, or their palette prefers something simpler like a lager or pilsner, Gas N Wash’s beer cave provides plenty of options.

The 3,950-square-foot-store, located at the intersection of 191st Street and 88th Avenue 34 miles west of Chicago, certainly stands out for The Market Brew House. But the 24/7 c-store – opened in February 2013 – has plenty more to offer, starting with a Dunkin’ Donuts location, liquor, lottery, tobaccoproducts, candy and snacks, beverage fountains and a variety of grab-and-go food offerings.

Gas N Wash even provides video games for both the young and young at heart. In fact, those who play video games for 30 minutes or more are entitled to receive a free $10 car wash.

Food, convenience, car wash, grab-and-go and a doughnut. What more could you want?

The c-store welcomes recreational vehicles, construction vehicles and trucks to it’s location. At the pump, Gas N Wash sells three grades of unleaded fuel, E85, diesel, and diesel exhaust fluid. Propane filling services are also available.

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About the Consultant

Jim Richards (Sr)

Jim Richards (Sr) is a Principal Design Consultant and C-store Specialist with the PES Design Group, Midwest Office. During his 25 years of experience in the C-store Design Industry, Jim has designed many c-stores that are modern, innovative, efficient and most importantly… PROFITABLE.

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  • Jim Richards (Sr) is a Principal Design Consultant and C-store Specialist with PES Design Group's Midwest Office. Contact: 800.850.6638 x 2

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